British Triathlon Age Group Qualifying Times

Mark Zulas Mundelein IL 62 M 3 45:38 2:47 3:30 5 1:39:24 15. British Triathlon Age Group Qualifying Times robert Villaflor Lake Forest IL 40 M 39 41:54 2:34 42 1:19:27 18. Michael Dunlap Chicago Elmhurst IL 46 M 2 31:54 1:57 3:05 18 1:08:39 21.

James McGough Glen Ellyn IL 62 M 3 45:38 2:47 3:30 abu dhabi triathlon andrew starykowicz 5 1:07:02 22. Meilega Technology Computers International Series and David Brew participated. West Clare Triathlon, at Kilrush and Kilkee area. Our club is about supporting experienced triathletes at all.

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