Prices in Spanish Property to fall 10% this year

There is a need to liquidate the stock of 800,000 tidal flats three years.

Property Price Drop

I believe the price of housing, many close to hitting the bottom after falling for seven consecutive years. Royal drop – 41 percent from the highest peak in the beginning of 2008, stands at the same level in 04 years. I will not reflect the rate of annual decline of 3.8 percent in March, the slope of the downhill is decreasing.

Good reason is thinking of is an air bubble in the brick only after it bites. It is the opinion of Belen president. The optimistic than others, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you are considered to be early to prefer to wait for a significant improvement in the unemployment rate to be added to this hypothesis.

House prices of travel downward to hit the bottom yet in Spain for signature analysis. So far it has not been your fall registration Note that both believe, however, he calls the “great bubble” of what his size. Has lowered how much no matter how well it is how deep bucket of water.

«I will buy low action, the investor. Teeth, they will discover the cellar of another under the basement. Dungeon called him. ” This statement lapidary of Charlie, a French company shows his views on the real estate market in Spain billionaire and American industry heavyweights.

Housing in Spain taking into account the 10% that are still overvalued, according to the calculation, among other things, year of salary room apartment to spend a family of Spain. Was in the peak market in the United States or the United Kingdom that was needed for the wages of never binding required for 5.8 years in Spain.

Our office is expensive today to buy a home in Spain says, took place in 2007.

It claims expensive strange of sound you might be recognized today buy a house in Spain, but because it was made in 2007. First, we have argued that has deteriorated from 26.7% from 33.2% end of 2012 the ratio of (affordable) effort at the end of 2013 for the end of the financial assistance for the purchase of housing.

Increase in the price of mortgage and tax burden of individuals of this additional decrease in disposable income. And since the beginning of 2013 70 average 250 basis points more than the more expensive for the basic points of 2006 to 2008 and has been in for the purchase of mortgage.

Outlook demographic development, the unemployment rate, determine other factors for the recovery of the housing market that does not look good still will be highlighted in his report stock analysts López flats.

Reduction of 5.6% of the population over the next 10 years is expected to Ine prime order, population decline of 20-49 years of age tend to buy a house of people exactly these possible to prevent the expected upside down for the price of property costa blanca

With more than 1 percent to create jobs and increase the gross domestic product that the unemployment rate, labor reform to allow, Spain admits to grow at 1.5% in 2015 According to the consensus of experts. It low price of the power of this engine to boost the rise of housing. The employment unlikely “, and will improve significantly in the medium term, real estate stocks scheduled for at least three years in order to say, to solve and he 800,000».

Governor of the Bank of Spain María Linde rule Thursday in the same sense. I said «block model career has slowed» emphasised housing investment, «it will record negative still remains high stock of unsold housing» and.